Bleeding in acting, gaming, and everyday life

Acting involves stepping into a different character other than yourself and role playing. This often causes bleeding. Out of the two types of bleed, the one that seems to be the most dangerous in my opinion was the spillover from character to player. The feedback loop also does not seem to be too ideal. An example of real-life bleed that had a negative effect was Heath Ledger. Heath was playing the Joker in Batman a few months before and it was said that he was terrified of his character. Some people say that this is what had resulted in his death, but his sister came out and said this was not true. Either way the characters that you have to play in games or while acting can require extreme physical and emotional bleed. Michael B Jordan for example had to completely change his physique which require immense amount of attention to his diet and workouts every single day. Christian Bale is another example of a method actor that goes to extreme lengths to play the character required. His transformation from machinist to dark night is unreal:

Pitchers in baseball, like Goose Gossage, personally put on personas during the playing of a baseball game to come off as an intimidating character. This all went away off the field but the persona still had to be maintained.

I was also trying to think of bleed in everyday life. Many of us ourselves are not truly genuinely playing ourselves in day-to-day lives. We may act differently and try to create our own personal image through this persona. Social Media is an example of bleed in our lives too. Instagrams are typically your brand that you are showcasing to your followers. Some people want people to think their life is perfect, others that they are artsy, etc. Social media seems to have created a bleed feedback loop in our everyday lives.

I wonder if it is a negative to let your desired persona leak into your everyday life. I think bleed can be draining too since it not how you are naturally wired as an individual. Maybe social media causes less of a dramatic bleed than method acting or being involved in an intense game situation. In a previous week’s readings there was an example that after game play, players had had negative effects such as losing their jobs or trouble with their spouses. Bleeding in gameplay in my opinion can be quite dangerous and game designers need to be extremely cognisant of this when creating and assigning characters.

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